Limited Edition

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LIMITED EDITION is a Belgian brand of design carpets and carpeting, which has received a recognized popularity all over the world. LIMITED EDITION distinguishes the style of collections woven with the use of technology or created by hands, from wool, flax, cotton, leather and other materials. The assortment line includes more than 300 models.

LIMITED EDITION thanks to the creative approach, ingenuity and high quality of production to date has many international awards in the field of design. The factory is proud of its Belgian origin, as Belgium is secretly recognized as the world center of carpet weaving.


A team with a mission. A family company with a clear goal – to surprise with its high-end product that contains the talent, knowledge and experience of many people.


Hand work with great attention to details.


Color is a passion. A wide range of shades – from bold tendencies to classic combinations, thanks to the self-mixing of yarn at the factory.

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