… more than 40 years of the story “Made in Italy”


The LEMA factory is one of the 10 largest factories in Italy for the production of cabinet and upholstered furniture for home and office. The factory pays special attention to development of the contract direction, having considerable experience and numerous realized projects all over the world. Furniture LEMA is distinguished by moderate minimalism, bold choice of textures, refusal of decorative excesses. Respect for customers, designers and architects deserved the factory due to the quality of products and amazing flexibility in work. Correct geometry is the main design move of LEMA.


In Arosio, the north of Italy, Angelo Meroni opened a small workshop for the production of furniture and accessories for the house.


The Meroni family establishes LEMA and starts production at the plant, organizing a full cycle. Designer Tito Agnoli, who made several real breakthroughs of the time, created the popular Selecta system so far.

since 2003

LEMA starts cooperation with renowned designers and studios among which: Roberto Barbieri, Mark Sadler, Kairos Studio, Nendo, Francesco Rota.

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production area
years of history

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