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For more than 40 years CESAR factory is based on quality, design and constant development. Today CESAR occupies one of the leading places at the international level among manufacturers of kitchen furniture. By listening to the demands of the market, CESAR uses the maximum opportunities to create a better offer.

CESAR furniture is completely “Made in Italy”: it is produced in an enterprise in Pramaggiore, which occupies a covered area of ​​25,000 square meters and open – 80.000 sq.m. Thanks to the attention that the factory pays to all technological stages – from raw materials to packaging of finished products, it can be argued that CESAR production meets the requirements of high international quality.


Sante Vittorio Chester turns his craft workshop into a modern enterprise – Cesar Arredamenti, which was one of the first in Italy to produce modular kitchens.


Individual design of the product becomes one of the main values in the production of Cesar. In the model line, there are more than 15 models of kitchens.


Factory opens its new production, increasing the covered area. Begins production of Elite – a luxury kitchen in a classical style.

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