International agency THE PRIME represents European factories of the interior industry on the territory of Russia, Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Portfolio of THE PRIME brands includes the leading premium manufacturers – SELVA, LEMA, CESAR, LUALDI, COSTANTINI PIETRO. All the factories cooperate with famous designers of the world who create truly something more than just interior objects, they create unique objects that change the space and atmosphere of the house.

THE PRIME office operates on the basis of the principle – an exceptionally high level of service. Employees of the company are trained annually at factories, maintaining a high professional level. THE PRIME renders not only consulting services to designers, architects and dealers, but also technical support for projects. The staff of the representative agency are specialists who quickly provide miscalculations for kitchens, walk-in closets and other technically complex interior items. The departments of THE PRIME quickly and competently solve issues of any complexity arising in the work with foreign factories, whether industrial, commercial or logistics.

THE PRIME always strives to stand with its customers long-term partnerships.


Information support on assortment and technical possibilities of factories.

Provision of materials

Providing the necessary working materials: catalogs, price lists, samples, 3D models.

Processing orders

Reception and processing of orders, control over execution – observance of terms and quality.

Problem solving

Solving issues of any complexity arising in the process of working with the factory.


Conducting training seminars on the product for employees of salons, architectural and design bureaus.


Development of design projects in the exposition, provision of miscalculations for technical factories.


Active advertising campaign of factories in leading interior publications and the Internet.

event organization

Organization of working events at factories – familiarization with production, training.